Donna & Antonio: Cary, North Carolina

Donna and Antonio were on a dating website called While Antonio wasn’t looking for anything at the time when he received a message from a beautiful black woman by the screen name of “primmadonna”, everything changed.

Question for the BRIDE: What things do you love the most about him? Antonio is the most patient, humble, and loving man I have ever met. He keeps me grounded and loves unconditionally. Watching him interact with others teaches me so much about myself and about how to be kind and patient. As big and boisterous as he may be, his spirit is so kind and gentle and he truly is my better half.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? I can’t pick just one! Getting ready with my girls, my Dad tearing up when he saw me, seeing my husband cry when I walked down the aisle, and… oh my goodness, the reception space reveal!!!

Question for the GROOM: What things do you love the most about her? Her smile, her love for her family, her outgoing personality 

Was there any particular theme or style for your wedding? I did not have a particular theme for my wedding. As far as style, I knew that I wanted something modern and elegant, while keeping some very traditional elements. Elana was able to execute this perfectly. Using such a royal color (emerald green) in our color scheme really added to the elegance, yet uniqueness of our day.

Favorite item on the wedding menu:  the wedding cake!!!

First dance song: You Are by Charlie Wilson


Any advice for future brides? My advice to future brides would be to get a wedding planner!! My wedding would have been impossible without our planner. And make sure that your planner is experienced and willing to really listen and tap into what it is that you want. Also, when dress shopping, don’t take your entire entourage with you. I recommend taking 1-2 of your friends (and/or your wedding planner if he/she is as awesome as mine) who really know your style and will be honest about what looks good on you. Having your wedding planner see your dress will also help him/her to know your style and make sure that his/her vision is in line with your  vision for your special day.

Any advice for future grooms? My advice to future grooms would be to be prepared to see your wife walk down the aisle and try not to hold your tears back because its a once in a lifetime moment. Express yourself and don’t be afraid to show out during the reception.

Photographer: Donnell Perry Photography
DJ: DJ Harlem Entertainment LLC
Officiant: Rev. Keith Cornish
Cinema and Video: Teshorn Jackson Photography
Makeup Artist: The Makeup Artist Brittany B
Event Venue: The Umstead Hotel
Cake Designer: Ashley Cakes
Event Designer: Fresh Affairs
Event Planner: Elana Walker Events

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