Charles and I are both Charlotte natives, and we love fitness, working out together, and living an active/healthy lifestyle. We actually met for the first time at the gym. We initially just saw each other in passing, but would never speak. After about a month or so of seeing each other, Charles finally decided to approach me and introduce himself. I later learned from several of his friends that during that month or so before we met for the first time, that he’d been admiring me and talking about me the entire time! And similarly, I’d talked to one of my girlfriends about him as well. When we spoke for the first time, it was an instant connection. Every time after that, it’s like we would look for each other and couldn’t wait to talk again. On one occasion, after working out, Charles walked me to my car and we stood there in the parking lot talking for about 2 hours! We decided to exchange numbers and we’ve been inseparable lever since.


Ceremony Location:Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens//Photographer: Avonné Photography//

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