Melanie & Chris: Jekyll Island, GA

Southern African American Weddings and Inspirations

Their story began one Monday morning in the fall of 2012 about 40,000 feet in the air. Chris and Melanie both worked for the same airline for many years, Melanie as a flight attendant and Chris in operations. Working in different departments never allowed their paths to really cross until this fateful October day. For Melanie it was supposed to be a scheduled day off from work when out of the blue she decided to make some extra money by working a trip to New York city, one of her favorite layovers! For Chris, it was his birthday so he decided to take a quick trip up to New York city for the day! They had no idea these last minute decisions would change their lives forever!

A few hours passed and departure time for the flight from Atlanta to Laguardia was approaching. As Chris sat in the gate area his attention turned to a beautiful flight attendant, whom he’d never seen before, strutting down the concourse with luggage in tow. Would she be working this flight? Chris got his answer when she made her way into the gate area and he got a closer look at just how lovely she was. Melanie made her way down the jet bridge to prepare for the fight.

Moments later as passengers boarded the aircraft Melanie noticed one passenger in particular, a tall extremely handsome young man who eventually got settled into his business class seat. Who is this gentleman? Is he taken? Later on during the flight Melanie got answers when she struck up a quick conversation with the intriguing stranger. Once they finally touched down in Laguardia Chris knew that he couldn’t leave their chance encounter at just a brief conversation so he left his business card (which Melanie still has to this day) with a fellow employee to pass along. She got the contact info, they went on their first date just a few days later, and they’ve been together “on cloud nine” ever since!


Melanie and Chris’ wedding was on Jekyll Island with all of it’s southern charm. The couple carried over their travel theme in to their big day. Everything about this day was amazing. The atmosphere wish filled with love and support for the two. The sounds of a live violinist ushered each member of the bridal party down the isle.

Event Planner: Soirees by Lee//Event Venue:Jekyll Island Club Resort//Design and Decor: UNIQUE ROSE EVENTS AND DESIGNS//Photographer: Tara Harp Photography//

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