Bride’s full name, age, and occupation: Rachel Michele Tisby, 33, Owner Naturally Glam MUA

Groom’s full name, age, and occupation: Darnel Washington, 33, Digital Advisor


Q: How did you meet?

A: Rachel’s friend randomly met Darnel in February of 2016 at The Marquis 2 Bar. The friend told Darnel about Rachel, showed him pictures of her and gave Darnel Rachel’s phone number. After speaking on the phone for a week or so, Darnel asked Rachel to meet him at The Marquis 2 Bar for their 1sttime seeing each other.

The following week they had their 1stdate at Lakewood Church for Midweek Worship and that’s how the love story began!

We dated for 1 year and 4 months before Darnel proposed on July 22, 2017.


Q: Describe Your Wedding:

A: It was a party-style wedding with heavy Houston & Louisiana vibes. Simple and elegant décor with mood-lighting for the reception and lovely natural light for the ceremony. We wanted a spiritual ceremony to recite our vows before God, family, and friends and immediately after we wanted to switch to party mode! There was limited seating at the reception because we wanted everyone up and on the dance floor all night. Even the old folks (LOL)!

Q: Your best/most memorable moment from your wedding day:

A: The most memorable moment was the garter toss. Out of nowhere Darnel secretly whipped out a bag, and within that bag was an orange life jacket and some goggles. Rachel’s reaction was hilarious!

Q: Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day:

A:It’s YOUR day to relax and finally allow friends and family to cater to YOUR needs. If you need to designate someone to answer your phone, do so. You shouldn’t be handling any last minute changes. Soak of up every second of that day because it’s going to fly by before you know it.  

Studio Venue: Houston Event Venue//Event Designer: The Savvy Event Consultants//Photographer: Rhea Whitney Photography//

Additional Contributing Vendors

Bridal gown (designer/boutique name and contact info): Mac Duggal for Nordstrom with Alterations done by Olivia’s Bridal House (

-Bridal party attire (designer/boutique name and contact info):

-Cake (bakery name and web link): Rustic Cake at Sam’s Club {web:}

-Caterer ((name and web link): Javani King {IG: @javanikingcooks}

-Ceremony location ((name and web link): The Houston Event Venue {} IG: @thehoustoneventvenue

-Favors (company name and web link): Esty custom napkins and matches

-Flowers (florist name and web link): Plants-n-Petals {}

-Groom’s tux (designer/store name and contact info): Tux jacket from Amazon and pants/shirt from Mens Warehouse; all alterations by Rafael Campos at HQ Tailor email:

-Hair and makeup (name and web link): Shalena Butler of Angel Love Beauty in Miami, FL {} IG: @angellovebeauty

-Music (DJ name and web link): DJ Big Reeks {} IG: @DJBigReeks

-Photographer (name, web link): Rhea Whitney {} IG: @RheaWhitney

-Reception location ((name and web link):  The Houston Event Venue {} IG: @thehoustoneventvenue

-Stationery (company name and web link):

-Wedding planners (name and web link): Alexia McWhinney of The Savvy Consultants {} IG: @thesavvyconsultants

-Other (company name and web link):

*Lighting: LG EVENT Pro {} IG: @lgeventpro

*Bar: Pour Me Perfection IG: @pourmeperfection

*Videographer: Steve Styles {} IG: @stevestylesphoto


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