Rhonda & Byron: Charleston, SC

Q: How did you meet?

A: We met while working at a previous employer together. He shared a snickers ice-cream bar with me as his way of saying “hi” and the rest is history. 🙂

Q: Who is the designer of your gorgeous wedding gown and what bridal store is it from?

A: Designer is Madison James and I purchased it from Verita Bridal Mt Pleasant, SC.

Q: What are some of the wedding traditions or special moments you included for your wedding?

A: We kept the “first look” traditional-we didn’t see each other, but held hands on each side of the door. I had something borrowed from by BFF/Big Sis, something blue from a dear friend, something old from my mom & something new from my husband.

Q: What was one of the most favorite things about your wedding? (that’ll be hard to pick just one cause after seeing all your beautiful photos, it looks like everything about your day was perfect!)

A: Hahaha I agree! Thank you! The most favorite is walking towards MY guy…everyone was looking at me, I was looking at him and his emotions as I walked to meet him were so hard for me to fight & hold back my tears (even though I had on waterproof mascara hahaha) I wanted to see and take in that moment without watery filled eyes. Luckily my dad talked to me and helped prevent me from dropping tears.

Q: What is some advice you’d give another bride that you wish someone had told you?

A: To make sure you have what you want and how you want it, make sure you have a really good wedding planner too! Keep calm & enjoy your wedding day!


Apparel:Madison James//Floral Designer:OK Florist//Shoes:Keds//Shoes:FSJ Shoes//Accomodations:Hilton Garden Inn//Dress Store: Verità. A Bridal Boutique//Location:Cooper River Room//Photographer: Valerie & Co. Photographers//

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