Bride: Shonae Hendon, 25, Salon Owner/Stylist of Birmingham AL
Groom: Adrian Ferguson, 29, Operations Manager of Nashville, TN

How we met: We worked at a department store together. I always thought she was cute, and she always gave me this funny little wave. Finally got her number from a coworker and planned a date. She stood me up on the first date though, but I was determined to have her so I reached back out and set up another one. We’ve been going strong ever since.

Photographer: Ynot Images

Engagement story: Both of our families have taken trips to the beach together the last couple of years. On our last day at the beach we always did couple karaoke.. Everyone did their song, and finally we were last. We had already knew what our song was going to be, so we had practiced prior to the trip. We got up to sing “Her Heart” by Anthony Hamilton. I was putting my all into the song, and so was she. Once the song was over, I dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of life with me. She said yes!

Groom’s advice to guys proposing: ASK HER DAD, first. Pray about it, and once God gives you the confirmation, you know it’s time.

Wedding date: May 5, 2018