April & Trevor: Asheville, North Carolina

Her story: I grew up in the small town of McBee, SC and the youngest of 5 kids. I have always been known to be the spoiled brat that got everything she wanted and had to have things her way. Trevor would prabably agree and say that some things never change lol. I was raised by two wonderful parents (Dorethia Rutledge and the late Rickey Dixon) in which my mother was the enforcer and my daddy was the spoiler. My mother always taught me to remain humble and know that every day is a blessing and after losing my father, those teachings became beneficial. I learned that you have to count your blessings and learn to lean not on our own understandings but the plans GOD has already in store for us. I attended Clemson University and graduated in 2008 with a BS in Packaging Science. I don’t have many hobbies as of now, I dedicate my life to making others I love happy starting with my family. I am a proud mother to Kairah (9), Trevor Jr (4) and Jaxon (1). They keep me on my toes and busy throughout the day. Never knew such a greater love than the love I have for my children. About TrevorSo I guess I have to write this section for Trevor because I asked him to write it and he said if they don’t know me then they don’t need to be at the wedding lol. So I’ll try my best. Trevor grew up in the small town of Whitmire, SC and is the oldest of 4 boys. He was raised by two wonderful parents Gerald and Tracey Booker. The type of man Trevor is reflects on how great of a job his parents did raising him. Most people think Trevor is quiet and shy but there is a whole other playful side of him not many people know about. He is such a big kid that loves making his family happy. Growing up, Trevor was always into sports and gained a very competitive spirit since he grew up in an all boy household. His love of basketball carried him through high school and on to play for the Clemson Tigers. His successful playing during his career at Clemson led him to living his dream and playing in the NBA. How We MetWe are forever discussing this story so I will give you my version and he will give you his. We will let you decide on which story sounds more truthful lol ENJOY!!!Her Story:I was never into Clemson basketball or never even been to a game until I started talking to Trevor. I didn’t even know who he was until I had a friend that talked to his roommate at the time and she would invite me to come hang out with them but I never did. From my correct memory, I remember walking across campus heading to my car when we came across each others paths and we spoke to each other. I remember thinking “Aww, he looks so young” (he was a Sophomore and I was a Senior) but you know how when you walk by someone and you can feel they are staring at you. Well that is exactly what happened, I did a quick glance back and he had turned to look as well. From my surprise about a few hours later, my friend texted me and was like “Trevor wanted me to give you his number, are you gonna text him???” All I can say is that the rest is HISTORY and was probably one of the BEST decisions I have ever made…

His Story: As you all know, I was the man in college, big man on campus if you will. April claimed she had never heard of me, but everybody knew or heard of T Book. Her friend at the time, Sheena, talked to my teammate/roommate, David Potter. Sheena and DP were on the phone one day and April was with Sheena. I guess Sheena had told April how fine I was or something because when DP told Sheena he was with me April started trying to holla at the boy (me). DP put the phone on speaker and you could hear her in the background yelling “put me on that Dave”. Of course, me being me at the time just blew it off. I had too much on my plate already, so she had to wait in line. To this point, I had only seen a couple of pictures of April but nothing in person. Fast forward a few weeks, we finally run into each other on campus while I’m walking to class and her to her car. As I walk and text on my phone, I look up and notice her walking in my direction. She made sure she made eye contact with me once we got close to each other. “You don’t even know who I am do you”, says April. “April right?”, T Book’s response. That instantly put the biggest smile on her face. It wasn’t much said after that and we went our separate ways. I texted DP a few minutes later telling him that she was straight and he could pass my number along to Sheena to give to April. My phone lit up with a number that I didn’t know about two minutes later so I knew it was April. The plan was to talk to her for a little while then move on to the next, but that didn’t work like I planned. The connection was crazy from the start and she ended up being the love of my life. Thanks to Sheena and DP’s short lived relationship, they gave us a long lived life together.

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